A Guide to Choosing the Right Toothpaste for You

A Guide to Choosing the Right Toothpaste for You

0 June 28, 2024

Toothpastes are something we use on a daily basis and all of us have some preferences, but do you know all the types of toothpastes that are available in the market? 

How do you decide which toothpaste is the best for you and how to choose the right one? Should it be based on the brand or the specific condition you might have or the certain “special feature” a toothpaste might have.

Toothpastes are basically paste used to polish the tooth surface and help us fight against bacteria that causes decay.

We all buy toothpastes but do we know about all the types available?

Read on to know about all your options regarding the types of toothpastes:

  • Children’s toothpaste:-

Children’s toothpaste contains less or no fluoride compared to adult toothpaste.

The packaging of the toothpastes are made to attract and intrigue kids. They can choose their favourite cartoons or colours available, this instils a habit of good oral hygiene from the early days.

Make sure your child uses a pea sized amount of toothpaste (rice grain size for kids below the age of 3 years) and doesn’t swallow it.

  • Teeth whitening toothpaste-

 These toothpastes are mostly used to reduce the stains caused by                 tea/coffee, smoking etc.  However these shouldn’t be used for a long duration    of time as it can cause wearing away of the outer layer of the teeth. Use it according to what is advised by your dentist. 

  • Fluoridated toothpaste:

Most of the toothpaste commercially available contains fluoride in them as its one of the main ingredients that helps prevent tooth decay effectively.

  • Sensitivity toothpaste– Made for people suffering from pain and discomfort or the extreme sensation while having something cold/hot. Using these kinds of toothpastes helps in reducing sensitivity. It contains potassium nitrate as an additional ingredient. Sensitivity toothpaste should not be used for more than 4 weeks. 
  • Tartar control toothpaste – Plaque builds up on the tooth surface if teeth are not cleaned properly. This leads to gum problems. Tartar toothpastes are used in people who have high plaque build up and have difficulty in removing tartar.
  • Herbal / non fluoridated toothpaste

The best option for people who are allergic to certain ingredients in regular toothpaste.

 Herbal toothpaste does not contain fluoride, which is essential for protection against decay. While purchasing a herbal toothpaste make sure you don’t buy toothpastes which contain dyes or substances that can stain the teeth.

  • Zero waste toothpaste – Conventional toothpastes are not always environment friendly. There are a lot of options for people living a sustainable life.

           Apart from the packaging the ingredients are environmentally friendly too.

Toothpaste tablets- These are plastic free eco-friendly tablets which have almost the same base ingredients of a conventional toothpaste without the water.It is easy to use and is ‘mess free’ , great for travelling purposes. It is also useful as it reduces risk of infection as it prevents cross contamination. 

How to use a toothpaste tablet?

You have to chew the tablet and with the help of saliva or very little water turn it into a paste. That’s all! You can now brush your teeth with a wet toothbrush.

Selecting a toothpaste is an important step towards good oral hygiene. Now that you know about the different options of toothpastes available, look into what suits your requirements and select your toothpaste!

Reach out to your dentist to know more about the kind of toothpaste you might need, as your dentist can diagnose problems in your oral health that you might be unaware of.  

By Dr Shagorika Choudhury

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