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VYK Healthcare Pvt ltd.
Date of inception (3 jan 2020)

De9to – Your Oral health partner

  • In India, dental health is a major challenge due to poor oral hygiene, tobacco use, and sugary diets. Lack of awareness worsens the problem, leading to high rates of oral cancers and dental diseases. Access to dental care is difficult in rural areas. Shockingly, 85-90% of adults and 60-80% of children have cavities, while 30% of children have misaligned teeth. Immediate action is needed to tackle this issue.

  • At De9to, we recognized the urgent need to raise awareness about oral health and the importance of regular dental check-ups. Established in 2020, Our vision is to shift from curative dentistry to preventive dentistry, making dental check-ups a priority for all by offering an exclusive aggregator platform for dentists. By joining De9to, dentists can focus on providing exceptional treatment while our professional team handles the backend work has been to connect people with dentists and promote oral health consciousness. With De9to, patients can easily book dental appointments online, discover certified dentists near you, and receive free consultations.

  • Beyond our commitment to patients and dentists, we believe in fulfilling our social responsibility. We actively participate in dental camps and leverage social media to spread oral health awareness.

  • Join us on this journey to transform dental healthcare in India. Together, we can bridge the gap in access, create a positive impact, and ensure that oral health becomes a priority for all. Let’s smile brighter and healthier with De9to.

Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision

Our vision at De9to is to bring the paradigm shift from curative dentistry to preventive dentistry, emphasis on WHO vision of ensuring dental check-ups and revolutionise the dentistry in India by becoming the only aggregator platform dedicated to dentists that connects patients with them.

Our Mission

De9to aims to provide accessible, affordable, and quality dental care to all by onboarding 5000 + dentists clinics and serving over 100k patients by 2025.

Our Values

Data privacy and security are our top priority

We are ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and ISO 9001:2015 certified, demonstrating our commitment to data security and quality management. Our strict policies ensure the protection of your data and prohibit any unauthorized sharing with third parties. Your trust and data integrity are paramount to us.


We accept the responsibility to operate with the highest integrity in all our actions.


We improve productivity driven by organizational leadership and management


We create easy and clear communication with our audience by being be transparent and consistent


We focus on achieving our goals and tasks.

Ethical Collaboration

We only collaborate certified dentists and organizations.


We persistently strive for consistency in our behaviors and outcomes.


We being reliable not only focus on each and every detail but also keep promises.


We act openly and honestly in every area of our activity.


We encourage the entrepreneurial spirit and promote thinking and solution.

Our Team

Dr. Gajendra Yadav
Dr. Gajendra Yadav
Director and COO
Yash Bansal
Yash Bansal
Founder and CEO
Mohit kapoor
Mohit kapoor
Co-Founder and CFO