Frequently asked Questons

You can book your online dental appointment through our website, under the Section “BOOK
YOUR APPOINTMENT” by sharing your name, phone number, nearest de9to clinic according to
your location and then finally selecting an available time slot.

For online bookings Debit/Credit Card, UPI, Net Transfer and Online Wallets are available. You can
also pay in cash upon visiting the clinic.

The frequency of a visit to a dentist depends on the condition of your oral health. It is advised that
people must visit a dentist at least once in six months for regular dental check-ups. However,
people with dental problems must visit once in three months or as directed by the dentists.

Yes, at De9to we provide an option of tele-consulting with expert dentists to get more clarity for
the patient and save time.

It is advised to book 24 hours prior to the time slot you want, however, there are chances of
getting your preferred time slot as per the availability

Good news! You don’t have to pay anything on cancellation. However we suggest to confirm your
absence atleast 2 hours before your appointment time slot.

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De9to Clinics upholds high standards of sterilization and standardization. It is a brand chain that
promises trust, reliability, and consistency. All mandatory precautions and more are taken to
uphold our brand value and affiliated clinics

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Your first appointment is an exam only, consisting of an evaluation of your teeth, gums, and
mouth. Based on this evaluation, x-rays may need to be taken. No dental treatment is
provided during this exam.

Our hours of visiting vary according to the clinic you have selected. The timings of each
clinic are mentioned on our website. We have 24 x 7 hour customer service, and we are
always happy to help you!

Yes! Your chosen dentist will quote an approximate price of your treatment on consultation as the
Dentists can only examine what is to be done in consultancy.

You sure can! At the end of your treatment, we will send you a receipt and invoice that you can
send to your insurer in person or through one of their apps to receive your rebate.