Nitrous Oxide: A Simple Guide

Nitrous Oxide: A Simple Guide

Are you afraid of injections and going under general anesthesia for dental procedures to the point where you have been delaying your treatment? We have a solution for you – Nitrous oxide inhalation sedation, commonly known as laughing gas. Nitrous oxide is a mild numbing agent that safely and effectively manages pain and anxiety during […]

Are Your Child’s Milk Teeth Actually Important?

Are Your Child's Milk Teeth Actually Important?

We all have had two sets of dentitions in our lifespan. How many of us remember that when we were kids, our teeth had fallen off and new teeth came? We felt elated when a new tooth came up in the oral cavity. ‘Baby teeth’, also known as ‘milk teeth‘, are the set of teeth […]

How to recover from a gummy smile

How to recover from a gummy smile

There are a lot of reasons one might be unhappy with their gummy smile. One of the reasons being an excessive amount of gum is visible while smiling. This is known as a gummy smile! In a normal/ideal smile, 2/3rd of the crown part of the front teeth are displayed and the remaining parts are […]

What is Cosmetic Dentistry?: Making Your Smile Perfect

Cosmetic Dentistry: Making Your Smile Perfect

Have you ever noticed and wondered how most celebrities have the “perfect” smile? Or have you ever looked in the mirror and wondered how some people have whiter teeth than others and how much of a difference a smile makes in someone’s appearance?  You are not the only one! Studies have shown that your smile […]

8 Methods To Overcome Dental Anxiety Forever

08 Methods To Overcome Dental Anxiety Forever

What is a Dental Phobia? Dental phobia or dental anxiety is the fear, anxiety or stress in a dental clinic (or similar surroundings) or while visiting the dentist. Why is Dental Phobia a Major Concern? People with dental phobia or dental anxiety often avoid dental care which leads to delay in their treatment and eventually, […]

Advancements in Dental Robotic Surgery: A Revolution in Oral Health

Advancements in Dental Robotic Surgery

Dental health is an essential aspect of our overall well-being, and the field of dentistry has witnessed remarkable advancements over the years. One such innovation that has revolutionized dental procedures is dental robotic surgery.  This cutting-edge technology combines the precision of robotics with the expertise of dental professionals to enhance the patient experience and improve […]

How Long Do Dental Implants Last: A Comprehensive Guide

Dental Implant Lifespan

Dental implant Lifespan has revolutionized the field of dentistry, offering a long-term solution to missing teeth. They provide a strong, stable foundation for replacement teeth that look and function just like natural ones.  One common question that arises when considering dental implants is, “How long do dental implants last?” In this article, we will explore […]


Dental surgeons, also known as oral and maxillofacial surgeons, are highly skilled professionals dedicated to the diagnosis, treatment, and surgical management of oral and maxillofacial conditions. They play a crucial role in maintaining oral health, enhancing facial aesthetics, and restoring functionality to patients. This technical write-up delves into the world of dental surgeons, exploring their […]