Why Should You Replace Missing Teeth?

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Table of Contents

Are you missing some teeth or did you just get your tooth extracted? Well, read further as this blog is especially for you!


What causes Missing Teeth?

You might lose your teeth due to:

  • Dental Cavities: Extensive caries cause the teeth to become irreparable to dental treatment options available. Thus they are extracted.
  • Gum Problems: Excessive gum problems cause the gum to lose attachment with the teeth. The teeth become extremely mobile and have to be extracted.
  • Ageing: Natural loss of gum attachment causes teeth to become loose and fall off or to be extracted.
  • Accidents: That cause physical trauma to teeth. The teeth might get fractured or completely come out.


Reasons for Missing Teeth

Types of Missing Teeth

  • Single missing tooth.
  • More than one missing tooth.
  • Complete loss of all teeth.


Why Should You Replace Missing Teeth?

  • Helps to chew efficiently.
  • Helps you speak effectively.
  • Prevents other teeth from filling the space created.
  • Maintains a good full smile.
  • Helps maintain your self-esteem and confidence.


What are some Missing Teeth Treatments?


1) Fixed Dental Treatment :

Involves a prosthesis that cannot be removed from the mouth by the patient easily. This requires a usual cleaning regime.

Fixed Partial Denture:

This is a fixed multiple cap bridge system for missing teeth. One or more teeth can be replaced by this treatment. This is fabricated as a single unit to replace the crown of an RCT treated or aesthetically corrected tooth. Two or more cap system is used to replace either a single missing tooth space or multiple missing teeth. Some teeth like RCT treated teeth require preparation of the natural crown to be able to take the loads of the adjacent teeth being replaced. This takes 2-3 dental appointments.


These are the newest technology in Dentistry. Screw-like material is inserted into the bone. When the bone binds to the screw, a dental cap or crown is placed. Multiple implants can be used to place multiple dental caps. Multiple implants can be used as a support for a complete denture called an overdenture. This takes 3-4 dental appointments.


Treatment for Missing Teeth

2) Removable Dental Treatment:

Involves a prosthesis that can be removed from the mouth by the patient easily. These require extra cleaning regimes.

Removable Partial Denture: 

This is a removable alternative to replace missing teeth. It is adapted to the missing space and retained due to the space of adjacent teeth by clasps. One or more teeth can be replaced by this treatment. This takes 4-5 dental appointments.

Complete Denture: 

This method is used for a complete loss of teeth in a patient. Individual dentures for both the arches are made. They use bone and oral musculature support for retention. This takes 6-7 dental appointments.


So, don’t wait for the condition to worsen! Consult your dentist today for the best option for your Missing Teeth!

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