Reshaping Teeth: How to Fix Your Crooked Smile

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Table of Contents

Contouring or reshaping teeth is an easy, simple low-cost cosmetic dentistry procedure used for aesthetic purposes.


Who Needs Contouring and Reshaping?

You can opt for contouring if your tooth is :crooked teeth

  • Chipped.
  • Uneven.
  • Misaligned.
  • Cracked.
  • Your canines are too sharp.
  • Your tooth causes cheek biting.


What is the Procedure for Reshaping Teeth?

  • The Tooth enamel is removed.
  • Then the tooth is either shaped as desired or lengthened.
  • For lengthening a tooth-coloured resin is applied that attaches to the tooth and hardens.


Are You a Good Candidate? Crooked Teeth in Adults

  • To correct minor/little perfections on your teeth like chipping, and length.
  • If your teeth slightly overlap/are very mildly crooked.
  • Have healthy gums and teeth.


Who Does Not Qualify for Reshaping Teeth?

  • Have decayed teeth.Teeth and oral cavities
  • Unhealthy gums.
  • Infected teeth.
  • Very severely crooked.
  • Weak/thin enamel.


What are the Advantages of Teeth Contouring?

  • Low-cost corrective aesthetic treatment.
  • Minor corrections can be treated with extensive treatment.
  • Evasive treatment option.
  • Improves your smile.
  • Improves self-confidence and self-esteem.


What are the Disadvantages Involved?

  • Might cause sensitivity to hot and cold stimuli.
  • The resin can stain.
  • The resin can chip/break.


What Should You do for Teeth Reshaping Aftercare?

  • You might have minor sensitivity for a day.
  • Avoid nail-biting as the resin might chip/ crack.
  • Avoid eating hard food and chewing gum.
  • Avoid staining drinks like tea/coffee for two days.
  • Brush twice/ day.


So, what are you waiting for? Visit your Dentist today!

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