Teeth Cleaning – Is it Really Harmful for My Teeth?

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Table of Contents

Teeth cleaning causes loosening of teeth? Getting scaling done will lead you to increased sensitivity? Tooth cleaning causes gaps in the teeth? These are a few things which we get to hear routinely from our friends and family. However the point to ponder upon is if this information is correct or just a myth?

As a dental practitioner, we have been encountering such concerns on getting a scaling done from patients on a routine basis.

So before anyone avails the treatment, it is important for us to know the facts about tooth cleaning.


What is Teeth Cleaning and Why is It Necessary?

Scaling is a dental procedure which is done to remove the plaque, tarter (the bacterial and food particle) coating which is attached to the tooth surface and those deposits that can’t be removed by brushing at home. These deposits can further cause gum diseases and pyorrhea.

Teeth Cleaning

Is Teeth Cleaning Painful?

Professional teeth cleaning is not a painful procedure at all. In fact it is a routine dental procedure which ideally should be done every six months. However, in case of extensive scaling, your dentist might have to numb your teeth and gums if required to avoid pain and sensitivity.


Does Teeth Cleaning Cause Tooth Mobility?

The answer is NO!

Scaling only cleans and debrides the tooth surface and enhances the gum health. It has no association in causing tooth mobility. In fact regular scaling and maintaining proper oral hygiene has shown to improve tooth mobility and tooth loss due to pyorrhea.


Will There Be Permanent Sensitivity to Hot and Cold Drinks/Food Post Treatment?

Sensitive Teeth

Teeth cleaning may lead to sensitivity to hot and cold stimuli but it’s only temporary and your dentist might prescribe a desensitizing toothpaste for a week. However, there is no permanent sensitivity due to teeth cleaning.

Does Scaling Remove a Layer of the Teeth?

No, scaling does not remove any layer of the tooth. It only removes the plaque and tarter layer covering the surface of the tooth which is anyway detrimental to tooth and gums health. 


Signs that Indicate You Need a Cleaning

Bleeding Gums

1.You have bleeding gums. 

Irritation in gums

2. You have irritation in the gums.

Painful gums

3. You have painful and tender gums.

Yellow Teeth

4. You see yellow or brownish deposits on teeth.

Bad Breath

5. You struggle from bad breath.

If you have any or all of these symptoms, visit your dentist soon. Apart from this, it is recommended to get your teeth professionally cleaned every six months as a precaution.

Someone rightly said “Prevention is better than cure”. What could be a better way than giving your oral cavity the privilege of being free from caries and gum  diseases  by just taking proper care of the oral health and getting a regular cleaning and check-up done.

Happy Oral Health to you.

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