What is Cosmetic Dentistry?: Making Your Smile Perfect

0 November 9, 2023

Have you ever noticed and wondered how most celebrities have the “perfect” smile? Or have you ever looked in the mirror and wondered how some people have whiter teeth than others and how much of a difference a smile makes in someone’s appearance? 

You are not the only one! Studies have shown that your smile is considered one of the most important physical attributes.

 The Concept of Aesthetic and Cosmetic Dentistry

Esthetic and Cosmetic dentistry includes teeth whitening, fixing broken/chipped teeth, stains, misaligned teeth, and basically any procedure that deals with the “aesthetics” of your smile.

Cosmetic and esthetic dentistry consists of various methods and treatment modalities, a few of which are discussed below:  

1) Teeth Whitening:

You might have seen DIY kits for teeth whitening, if you wish to whiten your teeth it is always a better option to go to a dental professional and in-office method of whitening. Self-applied kits can be dangerous and may cause tooth/ gum sensitivity, stains and undesirable results. 

Teeth whitening can give you a confident smile and make your teeth appear cleaner. However, there can be certain disadvantages to it like gum sensitivity, irritation, and tooth sensitivity. Moreover, the tooth colour also tends to go back to the original colour after some period. 

Ensure that you discuss all available options with your dentist for a safe and desirable experience.

2) Laser Power Bleaching:

Bleaching can also be done using lasers as an adjunct. Laser-powered bleaching has its own advantages as it is faster, reduces post-operative sensitivity and is longer lasting.

3) Composite Veneers:

Dental veneers are cover-ups for imperfect teeth and are most commonly done for smile designing. These are customised/fabricated in each case according to the patient’s needs providing a favourable appearance. 

Veneers are used in cases where a patient has spaces between their teeth, any kind of discolouration which cannot be treated by teeth whitening, chipped tooth, fractured tooth etc. 

4) Gum Shaping:

If you feel self-conscious about your gum line, you can get it contoured. Gum contouring can be required in the case of periodontal disease, but when it’s done otherwise, it’s for the purpose of aesthetics. Gum shaping gives lasting and permanent results. 

5) Tooth Jewellery:

Jewels or gems are applied on the tooth surface by a professional. It stays up to a duration of six months to two years or can be removed when you wish to by the dentist.

Are Tooth Jewels Harmful?

Tooth jewels are not harmful to your health – follow instructions given by your dentist to prevent any harm caused to the tooth. 

However, there can be a few complications depending upon various factors like the design of the jewel, the materials used and patient history. If the proper oral care routine is not followed, it can also lead to tooth decay. Hence, it is important to discuss this procedure with your dentist before you decide to get some bling!

6) Zirconia Crowns:

These are dental crowns used when there is tooth decay, fracture, and patients with teeth grinding. These crowns last from anywhere between 05 to 16 years with proper oral hygiene. They help in maintaining space in paediatric patients in case of grossly decayed teeth and also prevent further decay.

7) Microabrasion:

Microabrasion is used for the treatment of stains and irregularities limited to only the outer layer of teeth i.e the Enamel. Additionally, microabrasion is used for the treatment of dental fluorosis and mineralised stains. It is a relatively safe and non-invasive method which gives lasting and desirable results.

8) Smile Designing:

Smile designing is a holistic approach for a smile makeover. Digital smile design is a treatment plan which facilitates designing your smile which is the most suitable for your face. This technology is a boon in the field of dentistry as dental professionals are able to meet up expectations and give accurate results. 

The duration of smile design can be somewhere from two to three weeks to a couple of months depending upon a particular case. The treatment is planned according to the principles of esthetic dentistry. Smile designing also benefits your overall oral health.

Aesthetics in dentistry is not just about the appearance of your smile or teeth, but also about giving you a sense of confidence while preventing certain dental problems.

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Visit your dentist and know about the various options to improve your smile. Remember to get routine dental check-ups because a smile never goes out of fashion.

Dr Shagorika choudhury

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