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Bad breath – Causes & Remedies

It is the third most common oral problem for which dental care is sought. Approx 25% of globalpopulation suffers from bad breath.The most common cause of halitosis is badoral hygiene.If particles of food are left in t...

How Can Tooth Scaling and Polishing Save Your Teeth?

Many of you must have experienced some kind of plaque buildup in the mouth. The saliva, bacteria and proteins in your mouth form a thin layer that covers your teeth surface, all the time. When you eat, tiny particles of the food, acids and sugars form a buildup on the teeth known as Plaque...

The 06 Types of Toothbrushes You Should Know About!

A toothbrush is the sole oral health friend to many! Are we lying? We all can agree on this, most reading this right now have a toothbrush as the only cleaning aid for their oral cavity. If we ask for a general description of your toothbrush, many responses will be, “a plastic and rubber-like stick with a brush-lik...

Fixing a Gummy Smile: Everything You Should Know!

There are a lot of reasons one might be unhappy with their smile. One of the reasons being an excessive amount of gum is visible while smiling. This is known as a gummy smile! In a normal/ideal smile, 2/3rd of the crown part of the front teeth are displayed and the remaining parts are covered by the lips. If while sm...

The 04 Proper Brushing Techniques You Should Know!

Brushing your teeth is an important ritual that marks the start of the day, and the end of it too, for most of us. A clean, fresh mouth relates to a fresh experience physically and psychologically as well. Therefore, knowledge of proper brushing techniques is crucial.  An Important Habit But D...

Headache Relief: Could Your Teeth Be The Cause?

Headaches are caused due to numerous factors such as stress, increased screen time, injury, lack of sleep, dehydration etc. And we're always on the lookout for some headache relief. No matter what the reason is, headaches cause extreme discomfort and pain. Almost everyone has experienced headaches, but can we always...

10 Foods To Stay Away From For Healthy Teeth

Good food is the foundation of genuine happiness and healthy teeth are crucial for overall well-being. Some of you might be conscious of your diet and how it affects your health, but do you know some of those things you eat on a regular basis might not be good for your teeth. Are you curious to know about how certain...