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How to care Oral Health In this CoVid pandemic?

Right now, amid these unprecedented times of coronavirus pandemic, we all are going through various changes in our lifestyles. This coronavirus has disturbed our lives in a lot of ways hence, it is understandable that your oral health might not be an important consideration as of now. However, if you develop serious...

How To Brush Your teeth?

You mindlessly go through your daily routine of combing your hair, washing your face, brushing your teeth. But do you use the proper techniques to brush your teeth? From biting down the food and giving you that pretty smile, your pearly whites are a vital part of your health. Take care of them by following a good oral care routine. Brushing t...


Even if we take utmost care of brushing and flossing daily, still certain practices cause more damage to the teeth than we can think of. Certain drinks, physical activities, and the foods we consume can damage our teeth and gums. In order to have a healthy and white smile, the following practices are to be avoided as they are detrimental to o...