Bad breath – Causes & Remedies

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Table of Contents

It is the third most common oral problem for which dental care is sought. Approx 25% of global
population suffers from bad breath.

  1. The most common cause of halitosis is bad
    oral hygiene.
  2. If particles of food are left in the mouth, their
    breakdown by bacteria produce sulfur
  3. Keeping the mouth hydrated can reduce
    mouth odor,
  4. The best treatment for bad breath is re4gular
    brushing, flossing and hydration.

What is halitosis?

Commonly known as bad breath. Everyone gets bad breath from time to
time-especially after garlic ,onion or other strong foods. But bad breath that doesn’t go away could mean you have an oral health issue or a condition that’s affecting another part of your body. It is a symptom of many different conditions. In other words its like a warning message from your body.

Bad breath Causes

Common causes:

Has significant mouth odor and additionally increases the chances of gum and bone
Food: food particles stuck in the teeth can cause odor. .
Dry mouth : Saliva naturally cleanses the mouth and if mouth is naturally dry or dry because of
specific disease such as xerostomia the odor can build up.
Dental hygiene: Brushing and flossing ensures the removal of small food particles that can
build up and breakdown resulting in odor.
Dentures that aren’t properly cleaned regularly and properly can also harbour bacteria
that can cause bad breath.
Crash diets: Fasting and low carbs eating diets causes production of ketone bodies and these
ketone bodies have strong aroma.
Drugs: Certain medication can reduce saliva and therefore causes odor, while other drugs can
produce odor as they breakdown and release chemical in breath. Individual who take vitamin,
supplements in large doses can be prone to bad breath.
Mouth nose and throat conditions: Infection in nose , throat , sinus can cause bad breath
common problems associated are pharyngitis , tonsillitus, pharyngitis etc
Foreign body: Lodged in the nasal cavity specially in children.

Rare causes:

Disease : cancer, liver failure and other metabolic disease can cause bad breath due to specific
mixes of chemicals
Gastroesophageal refluxes disease: can cause bad breath due to regular reflux.
Ketoacidosis: when the insulin level of the person with diabetes are very low there bodies can
no longer use sugar and began to use fat stores instead. When fat is broken down , ketones are
produced and build up . Ketones can be poisonous when found in large numbers and produce a
distinctive and unpleasant breath odor. ketoacidosis is a serious and potentially life threatening
Bowel obstruction: Breath can smell like feces if there has been a prolonged period of
vomiting, especially if a bowel obstruction is present.
Bronchiectasis: This is a long term condition in which airways become wider than normal
allowing for a build up of mucous that lead to bad breath.
Aspirational pneumonia: A swelling or infection in the lungs or airways due to inhaling vomit,
saliva, food or liquids.

Remedies: review your oral hygiene

Home Remedies:

Brushing twice daily.
Use tongue cleaner .
Floss regularly.
Stay hydrated
Try avoiding food with onion and garlic
Cleaning dentures regularly

Clinic’s Remedies:

  1. Visit your dentist.
  2. Get professional scaling and cleaning done .
  3. Revisit your dentist if required.

Note from the writer:

Bad breath is a common condition which can cause embarrassment and low self esteem but bad breath isn’t something to be ashamed of
It is just your body way to tell u something isn’t right. The good news is that u can easily get rid of bad breath by treating the underlying
cause health condition.

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