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10 Foods To Stay Away From For Healthy Teeth

Good food is the foundation of genuine happiness and healthy teeth are crucial for overall well-being. Some of you might be conscious of your diet and how it affects your health, but do you know some of those things you eat on a regular basis might not be good for your teeth. Are you curious to know about how certain...

Sugar Substitutes: Why Should You Use Them?

“It is so sweet of you to do", “ It was a sweet surprise", you may have heard and used these expressions without a doubt. Ever noticed why we use “sweet" as a metaphor? Why isn’t it “salty"? Sweet taste is associated with goodness. We always think a meal is comple...

Fluoride In Toothpaste: Should You Be Using It?

When it comes to dentistry, fluoride in toothpaste is one of the most fiercely debated issues. You've undoubtedly heard arguments on both sides of the discussion: one side claims that fluoride is unnecessary, while the other claims that fluoride is beneficial to your dental health.  What Is Fl...