10 Foods To Stay Away From For Healthy Teeth

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Table of Contents

Good food is the foundation of genuine happiness and healthy teeth are crucial for overall well-being. Some of you might be conscious of your diet and how it affects your health, but do you know some of those things you eat on a regular basis might not be good for your teeth. Are you curious to know about how certain foods affect your teeth, and what are the foods/drinks you can avoid for healthy teeth?


10 Food items to Avoid for Healthy Teeth


Avoid sugary food for healthy teeth

1. Sugary Sweets, Candies and Sticky Food:

As kids, most of us are told to avoid chocolates, and sweets / sticky food to prevent tooth decay. Candy and sticky food stay in our mouths for a long time if not brushed properly. Also, they can be at sites where it is difficult for the brush to reach. Hence, it is advised to have sugary sweets/ candies during meals and to brush and rinse immediately after consuming.


2. Apple Cider Vinegar: 

Apple cider vinegar is generally used as a detoxifying drink but it affects the teeth, wearing away the outer portion of the teeth. Remember to rinse your mouth after drinking it.


Avoid coffee for healthy teeth

3. Tea and Coffee:

Most of us can’t imagine our day without a cup of tea/ coffee! But frequent use causes staining over a period of time which can be removed only by professional cleaning. To minimize stains on your teeth, you can either use a straw or drink a lot of water after drinking tea/coffee. This can help you with the dry feeling in your mouth too.  


4. Soda and Sports Drinks: 

Energy drinks/ sports drinks contain a huge amount of sugar and most carbonated drinks are acidic. They might give you energy during activities but are bad for your teeth. Switch from a sports drink to water today!


Avoid Peanut Butter for Healthy Teeth

5. Peanut Butter and Jam

They stick to the tooth and don’t get cleaned right away, also they are loaded with sugar which encourages the growth of bacteria in the mouth causing tooth decay.


6. Citrus Fruits:

Citrus fruits such as oranges and lemons can be harmful to your teeth. Citrus food contains vitamin C which is essential for your overall health and shouldn’t be excluded from your diet. However, if you consume them in excess, they can lead to cavities and sometimes the feeling of sensitivity.


Avoid Dry Fruits for Healthy Teeth

7. Dry Fruits: 

Dry fruits indeed have essential nutrients but some of them like raisins or dried berries stick to the tooth surface and are acidic in nature – not a good combination for your teeth!


8. Ice: 

Chewing on ice can damage your teeth, and you can develop cracks and also sensitivity. It can also damage your gums. You can use ice in your beverages.  


Avoid Potato Chips for Healthy Teeth

9. Potato Chips: 

No matter how satisfying eating a packet of crunchy chips is, they are harmful to your teeth. It’s difficult to wash away and contains starch which produces an acidic environment in the mouth. Always remember to floss after eating potato chips.


10. Pickles:

Pickles are acidic in nature as they contain vinegar and sometimes sugar causing decay or wearing away of the teeth. 


Are the above-mentioned foods part of your daily routine? No need to be disappointed because you can still have them in moderation and rinse your mouth with water after. Take care of your teeth by brushing and flossing right away, and visiting your dentist every 6 months for routine check-ups. 

Also, remember to adjust your diet and make your teeth healthy. What you eat matters!

Prevention is better than cure!

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