06 Reasons Why Regular Dental Checkups Are Important

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Most of you visit your dentist when you are in pain or see some cavity or defect in your teeth. But do you know that regular dental checkups are not just required but important for good oral hygiene? Regular dental checkups every 6 months, unless immediate care is needed, are important not just for good sparkling teeth but also for good oral hygiene. 


Why is it Important to Get Regular Dental Checkups Done?


1) Timely Treatment :

Regular Dental Checkups for Timely TreatmentRegular visits to your dental office help your dentist keep a close check on the condition of your case. Hence, a specialist can be called for treatment before the condition worsens and requires emergency care. A specialist dentist is a dentist who has specialized in one branch of dentistry and is an expert at that specific treatment. Thus, this leaves ample time for the treatment creating a ruckus and hassle-free dental journey for you!


2) Healthy Gums:

Do you know that diseases of your gums differ from teeth diseases? Bleeding gums or plaque should be immediately informed to your dentist. Further, if your gums are receding and you can see gaps between your gums and teeth, do not delay. Routine dental check-up keeps gum diseases at bay and is treated at an early stage.


3) Healthy Start to Oral Hygiene:

A good start to the dental regime with regular visits prepares kids well to take care of their oral cavities. Good habits are inculcated at a young stage and thus last longer.


Reducing Dental Anxiety in Children

4) Reduced Dental Anxiety:

Kids receiving regular dental checks are seen to be more receptive to dental extensive treatment due to their familiarity with their dentist. This same perspective is observed in adults too. Regular visit habits prepare you with a positive non-anxious attitude towards dental treatment.


5) Early Detection:

Your dentist helps you with not just the diseases of the teeth but also with the early diagnosis of extensive diseases like oral cancers. 


6) Breaking Bad Habits:

Your dentist can moreover help you break your kid’s bad habits, like thumb sucking and mouth breathing, or even your bad habits, such as smoking. Additionally, you can also be made aware of habits of your kids that are unknown to you like Bulimia, Bruxism, etc.


Coming to the question of how often you should visit a dentist. A checkup every 6 months is needed for good oral hygiene. Good Oral Hygiene is an art that is taught to you by Dentists! 

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