05 Reasons Why Digital Marketing for Dentists is Crucial!

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For years, dentists have relied almost entirely on word-of-mouth marketing and their reputations to attract new patients to their dental clinics. However, having entered the “Age of the Internet“, one can only agree that a large majority of the world has shifted online in their search for various products and services. 

Be it blogging, paid advertisements on social media platforms or video marketing, digital marketing for dentists holds immense promise for those looking to grow their practice and increase their patient clientele. But is social media marketing something really worth investing in for you as a dentist?


Why Does Digital Marketing for Dentists Matter?


Social Media Marketing, otherwise popularly known as Digital Marketing, makes use of various social media platforms and channels – such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc. – to market products and services to virtual audiences, reach new customers and engage with existing ones. While Social Media Marketing has still not been widely adopted by dentists, the potential it holds is beginning to benefit those who adopted it early. 

marketing for dentistsUnlike other industries, the oral health industry is driven primarily by a focus to remind people to routinely schedule visits to the dentist and help them overcome the anxiety and fear commonly associated with dentists. While oral health literacy in India remains remarkably low, the fear associated with dental procedures is a factor that inhibits many from availing of treatment when necessary.

Building trust and earning a patient’s confidence plays an invaluable role in motivating them to visit the dentist regularly. It essentially boils down to building a relationship with your patients – your online community. For dentists, this means being able to produce ease in the minds of potential patients and guarantee them a pain-free experience. This is where social media marketing can work wonders.

Different kinds of content, such as light-hearted memes, educational infographics and how-to tutorials, can help remove some of the stigmas around visiting a dentist and enable potential patients to feel more inclined in approaching you for your services. It is more than just marketing dental crowns and root canal treatments; it’s about selling comfort, confidence and good health.


What is the Benefit of Social Media Marketing for Dentists?


1. Build Better Relationships & Instil Patient Loyalty

dentist building patient loyalty through digital marketingAs mentioned above, many people consider going to the dentist a nerve-wracking experience, so much so that they may avoid dental appointments altogether. However, through the use of various social media channels, you can create a relationship with your audience by publishing client testimonials, patient experiences, friendly images of the clinic and the results of your work (to establish authenticity and credibility). 

Furthermore, engaging with your audience on social media also helps in establishing informal support and instilling patient loyalty that not only helps you retain existing patients but also in finding new clients through referrals.


2. Attract New Clients

Research has revealed that a large majority of people use search engines like Google to search for trustworthy and reliable dentists. This is where testimonials and patient feedback make a world of difference. When it comes to investing in a dentist, people are looking for a consistent relationship based on trust. 

Unlike shopping for clothes online, selecting a dentist is more than a one-time purchase and indicates a commitment to a long-term relationship for diagnosis, treatment and aftercare. Another survey revealed that 75% of people have purchased a product or service they saw on social media. All of this indicates that social media has great potential to attract new clients if used systematically and consistently.


3. Showcase Your Authenticity & Leadership

what is the benefit of social media marketingThought leadership is a crucial aspect of establishing credibility, be it online or in the real world. With the use of social media channels, you can effectively share your medical expertise with your audience in the form of educational blogs & content and informative videos. Disseminating your knowledge virtually can help people establish trust in your brand and attract and captivate the attention of potential clients and patients.


4. Boost Brand Awareness and Relatability

Social media platforms provide a brilliant stage for garnering awareness and attention for your dental practice. If your social media page provides potential patients with helpful, informative and good reviews, they automatically become more inclined to visit your clinic and avail of your services.

Furthermore, social media marketing also helps you engage with your online community on a candid level. Sharing photos and videos of the clinic and team members, as well as replying to comments and hosting live shows, help subside the air of formality and make your brand perception more ‘relatable’ and more trustworthy.


5. Greater Affordability than Traditional Marketing 

Attract new patients using digital media marketingSocial media offers you an opportunity to market your brand and attract new clients with zero-to-minimal costs involved. Uploading photos and videos of your clinic, and posting informative blogs and educational videos, make use of your time and labour, but not your finances. 

Furthermore, investing in paid advertisements on social media also allows you to target a niche demographic to ensure that the right people see your ad. As opposed to this, traditional advertising is usually a costly endeavour that doesn’t guarantee that your ads will reach the right market. 


When it comes to employing a digital marketing strategy, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, you must realise the importance of establishing a relationship with your audiences through social media and create a personal brand which is authentic, credible and trustworthy – Say hello to new clients and goodbye to their fears!


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